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Seafood Masterclasses

This year the Festival introduces the Seafood Masterclasses, a unique hands-on experience with celebrity chef Bart Beek teaching the art of cooking seafood.

Participants will cook Spiced Crispy-skin Cone Bay Barramundi with avocado foam, soy glaze and summer salad. A perfect portion of Cone Bay Barramundi seasoned with seductive North African spices and pan grilled until the skin turns crisp and golden. This beautiful summer dish is presented on a velvety avocado foam with the perfect balance of a soy-sesame glaze. It is accompanied by a lemon couscous summer salad, scented with nasturtiums and a sherry walnut vinaigrette.

This Masterclass presentation by Chef Bart Beek is totally hands-on and guides you through the correct processes required to produce perfect crispy fish skin each time. North African spices are pan-roasted and ground to produce ‘Berberé’, one of the world’s most aromatic spice blends. Learn how to use modern ingredients and techniques to create smooth foams and dazzling glazes. Then follow Bart’s steps to plate up a beautiful fine dining seafood work of art.

Cooking stations will be set up to work in partners, and participants can gain culinary skills and have fun as they cook their dish, and then enjoy their own cooking in the exclusive class area. The Masterclasses are supported by Ferngrove wines, who will offer complimentary wine to accompany the meal.

Seafood Masterclasses will be presented four times per day and cost $35 per person.

Tickets can be purchased here.