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Festival Vision

As the IGA Fremantle Seafood Festival grows, management and the committee are striving to maintain the friendly and welcoming atmosphere currently enjoyed. The festival is developing to incorporate multiple entertainment areas to cater for a variety of events and activities. In the spirit of community and family-friendly events, the festival will remain a free event with access to the majority of the festival entertainment areas introducing a ticketed aspect in 2016 for exclusive activities and educate the public. Another objective of the education aspect of the festival is to promote the ‘brand’ of Western Australian seafood and encourage people to ‘buy fresh and buy local’.


The IGA Fremantle Seafood Festival embraces the relationship the state holds with its precious marine resources and operates on the following five point mission statement:

• Celebrating Western Australia’s premium seafood and prosperous aquaculture.

• Sharing the history of the Western Australian fishing industry and the City of Fremantle.

• Bringing national and international focus to Western Australia and Fremantle to build awareness of where our premium seafood is produced.

• Nurturing the relationship between the wider community and Western Australia’s marine life and the fishing industry.

• Education on the importance of sustainability and conservation of Western Australia’s marine life.