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Celebrity Chefs & Special Guests


A Fremantle local, Anna Gare's life has always revolved around food and delighting others with her gastronomical gift. After owning and operating a successful catering business, Anna has moved on to appear in TV programs such as Junior Masterchef and The Great Australian Bake-off. Anna joins us again in 2016 to share her culinary skills and passion for the great seafood WA has to offer!


Josh Catalano is a third generation fishmonger and co-owner of Catalano’s Seafood. Josh started to raise his own profile after appearing on TV's MasterChef (Season One), and has added his own flair on several other television shows over the years. Josh is passionate about seafood and says growing up in a family seafood business means there’s not much he doesn’t know about seafood. And while seafood is his number one passion it also goes hand in hand with his other passion, cooking. Josh will share his seafood secrets, tips and tricks at the Festival.

Peter Manifis

Growing up the state’s North-West, Peter has lived and breathed seafood his whole life. From the decks of his dad’s commercial prawn vessel, Peter went on to train under acclaimed chef, Alain Faberge of the renowned Loose Box restaurant. Throughout his career so far, Peter has won a host of awards including a Gold Plate for Best Seafood during his time as Head Chef at Zafferano and the WA Seafood Fishing Industry Young Achievers Award in 2011. 


Don Hancey is legendary in WA - after a long and successful career in some of WA’s finest regional kitchens, Don is now WA’s Food Ambassador. Don loves  working with quality local producers to help grow their business, their opportunities and create innovative ways to present, showcase and market their produce by creating a world class dish. Described as a chef with soul, away from the kitchen Don is heavily involved with charity organisations. Don will share some of his favourite recipes at this year's Fremantle Seafood Festival.


The Fremantle Seafood Festival is excited to welcome celebrity chef Bart Beek, who will be at the Festival for the first time. Bart’s mantra has always been to ‘cook with passion’ and has fashioned his own innovative cooking style. He is best known for his multi-award winning establishment Essence Food Studio in Melbourne. Bart's cooking demonstrations are always well attended and enjoyed by all. Catch Bart on stage throughout the Festival!

Special Guest JIM MENDOLIA

As far as local fishing legends go, it’s hard to go past Fremantle’s sardine expert, Jim Mendolia. Heading up the family business, Fremantle Sardines, Jim takes a hands-on approach in his work; out on the ocean early each morning catching local sardines. Originally from Italy, it was the Mendolia family that was instrumental in the introduction of sardines onto dinner tables around Australia. The long-running Fremantle Sardine Festival grew from the hard work of Jim’s family, attracting thousands of visitors each year and today Mendolia Sardines are a highly sought after, quality sardine product.